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#StandforTeens this November 8th, 2020– Register today!

There are 706 children in foster care in Kent County and 198 of those are of those are teens. 

It takes a village to support families in our community. This is even more important during COVID-19 when so many people feel distant from each other. Many churches are using the Stand Sunday movement as a time to recognize and support children in foster care. Foster Kent Kids (a coalition that recruits and supports foster parents in our community) is specifically asking local churches to help support teens in foster care. We are focusing on our teens through the month of November (November 8th if you observe Stand Sunday). 

Why Foster Care? Why Teens? 

Our teenagers are resilient. While raising any teenager can be hard, teenagers can also be fun, loving, creative, and are learning so much about who they want to be! Teenagers in foster care benefit from the support of community homes and families as they navigate the foster care system. Here are a few facts: 

  • Children do better in community homes:
    • Youth placed in community homes have higher educational outcomes, including higher test scores in basic English and math. 
    • Youth in community homes are more likely to stay in school and graduate high school 
    • 90% of the children in group homes are teens 
  • Foster care disproportionally impacts children of color, and especially Black teens:  
    • Black children are disproportionately represented in foster care at a rate of 2.7 times than their percentage of the general population. 
    • Black males in particular are overrepresented at an even higher rate in group homes. 
    • Only 12% of foster homes in Kent County identify as Black or African–American 
  • Foster Parents benefit from a community of support 
    • 25% of foster families express that they could use support with childcare. 
    • You don’t have to be a licensed foster parent to babysit, bring food, transport children to school, or be a mentor. 

Join us November 8th!

We are hosting a live ZOOM discussion panel with teens who have experienced foster care, along with foster parents of teens on November 8th. Foster Parent orientation opportunities will be available to those who are interested in becoming foster parents.

Register for the Zoom here:

Local churches interested in partnering?

If you are interested in partnering with us to create better outcomes for children and families in our community, please email us at

By partnering with Foster Kent Kids, our messaging campaign will emphasize your church’s partnership supporting children in foster care. Public awareness platforms include billboards, radio, news, and social media, as well as links on our website.  

Our Ask to you- Pledge to recruit two families that will sign up to find out more about being foster parents in Kent County and share information about foster care in your bulletin/emails, website, and/or sermons. If you observe Stand Sunday, please emphasize the needs of teens in your events.  

Churches we are partnering with:

Thank you for encouraging your congregations and our community to dive deeper into the needs of foster care and potentially opening their homes to a loving, funny, resilient teen in care!

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