Staff Spotlight: Meet Shateka Abbott

West Michigan Partnership for Children (WMPC) welcomes Shateka Abbott as a care coordinator who will work with Catholic Charities West Michigan.

Ms. Abbott has more than four years of experience working as a bachelor’s level social worker and most recently served as a Licensing Specialist and Foster Care Case Manager at Samaritas.

Cat Raftery, Care Coordination Manager, is excited that, “Shateka has great experience of not just working with our youth but with relative caregivers. Shateka has strong skill set when it comes to working as a team, thinking outside the box and being a support to all those she works with in the community.”

Continue reading to learn more about Shateka:

Number of years you’ve worked in the nonprofit industry: 4 years

Why you wanted to be in this field 

I have an immense desire to protect the well-being of children and youth, while supporting families in need.

What is your role at WMPC? What are your responsibilities in this role? 

As a Care Coordinator it is my responsibility to facilitate placements of foster youth, collect relevant information, assess information provided, and coordinate case transfer meetings between protective service workers and foster care case managers.  

What is the most rewarding part about your job? 

Promoting reunification in addition to finding creative and appropriate ways to keep foster youth out of residential placements.

On the flip side, what is the most challenging part about your job? 

It is challenging to see resources go unused when reunification is a viable option.

As a brand new start-up, what inspired you to want to work for WMPC? 

The organizations’ reputation inspired me. WMPC is known for empowering communities while providing innovative ways to create better futures for children and families.

What is one thing you wish people knew about foster care? 

I wish people knew how resilient foster children and birth families can be with the right amount of support and resources.

How has your position at WMPC and your experience in the nonprofit industry changed your perspective? 

I would not say that my experience has changed my perspective, however, I am more motivated to make a difference in the lives of the children and families served.

What is your hope for WMPC and the Kent County foster care system?    

I hope that WMPC and the Kent County foster care system continues to promote Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion in the workplace.

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