Vision, Mission & Values

<h3>WMPC Vision</h3> <em>A community of belonging, resiliency, and hope where children and families flourish.</em> <h3>WMPC Mission</h3> <em>Empowering communities to create better futures for children and families through innovation and collaboration.</em> <h3>WMPC Values</h3> We ensure the best interest of the child and uphold our mission through these values: <ul>  	<li> <h4>Accountable</h4> Take ownership and follow through.</li>  	<li> <h4>Data-Driven</h4> Utilize evidence to initiate change.</li>  	<li> <h4>Innovative</h4> Boldly advance child welfare through creative initiatives.</li>  	<li> <h4>Trauma-informed</h4> Look through the lens of those we serve.</li>  	<li> <h4>Tireless Collaboration</h4> Engage with our community to cultivate unique strengths and diverse perspectives.</li>  	<li> <h4>Social Justice</h4> Build equity through social and racial justice.</li> </ul>

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