Sanctuary Model

What is the Sanctuary Model and Why is it Important?

The Sanctuary Institute represents a trauma-informed method for creating or changing organizational culture in order to more effectively provide an environment within which healing from psychological and social traumatic experiences can be addressed.  Led by representatives from The Sanctuary Institute, WMPC and its partners are embarking on a Sanctuary training and implementation process that aims to help agencies reclaim a culture of hope and innovation. The transformational process requires deep commitment, but rewards participants with powerful and measurable organizational change.

Participants will learn more about what causes traumatic experiences, the implication of these experiences on the organization, staff and clients, how best to treat the trauma at all levels, and how we can proactively minimize future occurrences.

Here is a helpful YouTube video to help explain the implementation process and how WMPC plans to roll out this trauma informed framework.

What are the anticipated benefits/long term goals?

The Sanctuary Model aims to improved outcomes for organizations and clients. The secret to Sanctuary is in the process.  Implementing Sanctuary changes thinking.  This change of thinking changes behavior.  This changed behavior changes the organization.  And by changing the organization, we can change client outcomes.

As a result of our Sanctuary training, we expect:

  • A decrease in physical, verbal, and emotional forms of violence leading to a greater sense of safety
  • Systemic understanding of complex bio-psychosocial impacts of trauma and what we can do in response
  • Increased focus on what happened to the individual and not “what’s wrong” with that individual
  • Better ability to articulate organizational and clinical goals and create strategies for change
  • Greater understanding of reenactment behavior and resistance to change both organizationally and clinically
  • More democratic processes at all levels


Still have questions about WHAT Sanctuary is and how it will be implemented? For a full list of project details and questions, click here!

Relationship to MiTeam

Here is an analysis on the differences between MiTeam and Sanctuary, including how the two models can complement each other.

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