Yes, Even You

Every single person in the Kent County community is capable of making a positive impact in a foster child’s life. 

Yes, even you!  

For more than 25 years, CASA of Kent County has equipped volunteers from all walks of life to advocate for children placed in foster care due to abuse and neglect.  

CASA is an acronym for Court Appointed Special Advocates. A CASA Volunteer focuses on getting to know one foster child or sibling group, their situation, and their needs, by seeing the child(ren) once a week and staying involved in their lives the entire time they are in foster care. CASA Volunteers develop a complete picture of an abused and neglected child’s life in order to make recommendations to the family court judge about what is best for that child. The child also has a foster care social worker and a court-appointed-attorney. In the case of a social worker, they work with the entire family unit. The CASA Volunteer’s focus is placed solely on the child. 

The CASA Volunteer acts as a child’s voice during their time in foster care. Through court reports, Volunteers advocate for the child’s wellbeing – be it related to medical needs, schooling, individual counseling, extra-curricular activities, or arranging sibling visits. The CASA Volunteer works with everyone involved to give family court judges a full picture of the child’s best interests. Family Court judges in Kent County regard CASA Volunteers’ reports very highly while preparing for hearings and reference the information throughout the hearing process. 

Through spending time with a child while they are in foster care, CASA Volunteers make a positive, deep, and long-lasting impact on the lives of children who may have suffered from neglect and abuse. During a process that can be harrowing and traumatizing, the child can be assured that their Volunteer will not only act as their voice, but will always offer a shoulder of support.  

With more than 800 Kent County children in foster care, the need for CASA Volunteers is great. Today, CASA of Kent County can only provide volunteers for 20 % of the children in need. 

That’s where you come in. Anyone can apply to become a volunteer… we just ask that you are over 21 years of age and are able to pass a thorough background check.  

To learn more about becoming a CASA Volunteer, or for other ways to help CASA of Kent County, visit or call 616.632.5311.   

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